Icme Ecab is one of the largest manufacturing units located in the Balkans and a market leader in Romania.

Hellenic Cables SA, its subsidiaries, and Icme Ecab SA constitute the production and marketing segment of Viohalco cables and are members of Cenergy Holdings SA, a Belgian holding company focused on creating long-term value through investments in top industrial companies, with a primary focus on meeting the global demand for energy transfer, renewable energy, and data transmission.

Hellenic Cables S.A. is active in the production of enameled cables, conductors, copper and aluminum wires, as well as plastic and rubber compounds.

Over the past decade, cable companies (Cablel® Hellenic Cables S.A., Fulgor S.A., and Icme Ecab S.A.) have become the largest cable manufacturer in Southeastern Europe, exporting to over 50 countries.

The production base consists of six factories in Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria, producing a wide range of products, from high-voltage submarine cables to very high-voltage power cables and enameled conductors.

The cable companies' product portfolio is marketed under the Cablel® brand.

Hellenic Cables produces terrestrial and submarine power cables of low, medium, high, and very high voltage, telecommunications cables, enameled conductors, plastic compounds, as well as rubber compounds, tailored to individual customer specifications.


International Sales Manager: Dragos Cojocaru


The Headquarters of HELLENIC CABLES: București, Drumul Între Tarlale 42, Sector 3, Cod Poștal 032982

Email: secretariat@hellenic-cables.com

Phone number: 021 209 01 11

Website: www.cablel.com